About Us

Professional Newborn & Baby Photographers of the Philippines (PNBPP)

The Professional Newborn & Baby Photographers of the Philippines (PNBPP) is a Professional Association created out of the need to professionalize the newborn photography industry in the Philippines.

We love babies and our work, and want to see it thrive!

Vision and Mission

This professional group aims to be a platform for both veteran and new photographers to share experiences, hone their craft and inspire learning and adhere to proper safety practices and have verified credentials when handling newborns and babies.

Core Values

We aim to provide a level of professional service and standards for clients both big and small and the community. We carry the burden of responsibility and respect for our profession, our clients, our colleagues, the environment and the public.

The Ethical Standards We Adhere To Are


Professional at all times. Members shall maintain a level of professionalism at all times, in their work, with their clients and peers. To act in good faith at all times and to avoid harmful practices. We must be honest and be willing to self-reflect. We must show empathy and good judgement and encourage others with respect.


To maintain a high level of trust with our clients and peers. We must be honest and fair at all times. Being respectful of the rights of our clients to privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance.


We respect the process and values of what it means to be a professional business person. We respect the dignity of the child, our clients and our peers at all times. We are honest in all aspects from contracts, to transactions and business practices and avoid misrepresentation, or deceptive claims.

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