For Parents

Congratulations! You are about to embark on an amazing experience to capture your little ones newborn milestones! Newborn Photography is highly specialized. There is extensive training and experience needed to properly and safely conduct a newborn photo session. Here are some tips to learn from so you know what to watch out for during your newborn session!

  1. How many years have you been a professional newborn photographer? (specifically working with newborns)
  2. Can I see your portfolio of work and your actual unedited shots showing the safety measures you take for complicated posing if any (froggy pose, potato sack and hanging poses).
  3. What are your safety credentials and steps/measures when doing a newborn photo session?
  4. Who “spots” the baby? Do you have an assistant or can I as a parent help out?
  5. What are your sickness and vaccine policies?
  6. Are you a member of any professional organization for newborn photography?
  7. Have you received any actual specific newborn training in person? 
  1. Do not be afraid to speak up during a newborn session if you feel uncomfortable or even if you want to say something. This is your child and you are his/her #1 advocate.
  2. During a newborn session, rooms are usually heated or at a warm temperature. This is normal as babies do not like the cold. You can observe for signs of overheating (redness of face/mottled skin, heavy breathing, bluish tinge, excessive sweating or breathing).
  3.  Ensure that props look clean and smell clean. The environment should not be dusty or dirty or have a musty smell or have pets or be too cluttered.
  4. Essential oils should not be diffused during a newborn session as they can cause an allergic reaction.
  5. Props should be safe, especially the older antiques. No wet paint, nails, or splinters. No putting babies inside glass or ceramic items as they can break.
  6. Ensure that proper support is there for baby at all times. This includes putting weights inside props to avoid tipping.
  7. When doing complicated/advanced poses (froggy pose, taco, hanging) ensure that there are HANDS ON by a spotter at all times during this pose. A professionally trained photographer knows how to properly do this.
  8. Ensure enough breaks are given during a session and that the baby is kept clean at all times. A changing space/area is important.
  9. There are cleaning/sanitizing liquids and wipes that are accessible at all times.
  10.  Everyone should be hydrated at all times (room is heated).
  11.  Ensure that the photographer is Baby First Aid Certified.
  12. Your babies safety is #1, if you feel your photographer is not taking the necessary precautions or being careless, speak up.


If you hired a professional, you should rest assured they will cover these and more so you have peace of mind during a your newborn session. Relax and enjoy making memories with your little one!